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Ugreen Nexode 4-Port GaN Desktop Fast Charger is an advanced desktop charging device that provides fast and efficient charging performance. It uses modern GaN materials to ensure higher efficiency and save space thanks to the compact design.
**Product Features:**
1. **GaN Technology:** It uses state-of-the-art GaN technology to increase efficiency and reduce size, making it ideal for interference-free office use.
2. **4 USB Ports:** It has 4 USB ports to charge up to four devices simultaneously, providing great flexibility to the user.
3. **100W Power:** With 100W power, it can provide fast charging for a variety of devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops.
4. **Intelligent Power Distribution:** It features an intelligent power distribution system to ensure efficient and safe charging of all connected devices.
5. **Compact Design:** Compact design makes it suitable for offices and workplaces without compromising on organization.
6. **Advanced Protection:** Powered by advanced protection features such as surge protection and temperature protection for secure charging.
7. **Compatible with a wide range of devices:** Works with many devices that support USB charging, making it suitable for a variety of devices.
8. **Detachable Power Cable:** Comes with a detachable power cable, allowing for better storage and convenient use.
With the Ugreen Nexode 4-Port GaN Desktop Fast Charger, you can enjoy fast and efficient charging for a wide range of your devices without affecting your desktop.

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