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Green Lion wireless headphones are the ideal choice for children who love listening to music and audio in a safe and fun way. They are specially designed to ensure a fun and safe listening experience for children.

- Wireless Bluetooth v5.2 technology provides stable, high-quality connection with compatible devices.
- An entrance that allows children to listen to music from different sources.
- Providing safe sound for children, as the headphones feature a low and safe volume that protects children’s small ears.
- Ergonomic design that fits the size and shape of children's ears and contributes to reducing fatigue during long-term listening.
- The battery works for up to 8 hours when the lights are on, and up to 45 hours without the lights on.
- Provides fun and colorful lighting while listening, adding a fun and playful atmosphere to children's experience.

Green Lion wireless headphones combine excellent audio performance with a safe and comfortable design, making them the perfect choice for children who love to enjoy music and audio in a fun and safe way.

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