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The Green Lion Mini Refrigerator offers 22 liters of cooling space and is constructed of premium ABS plastic and metal materials. Delivering a seamless experience with the promise of advanced dual core technology for efficient cooling and an eco-friendly, low-noise design. You can easily monitor and change settings thanks to the clear glass front and easy-to-use digital controls. The inside is just as smart as the outside: the removable door basket and shelf meet your storage needs, whether you're holding drinks, cosmetics or breast milk. A unique feature of the compact refrigerator, the K25A-2 provides dual use in both homes and cars. Flexible AC/DC power wiring ensures your products stay cool no matter where you are.

With its multiple protective elements, safety is of utmost importance. Its modern style and useful carrying handle make it a must-have for homes, offices, vehicles, and college dorm rooms. Ultimately, the Green Lion Mini Refrigerator 22" is a stylish and useful addition to any environment, instead.

- Quiet and environmentally friendly
- Compact and portable
- Multiple power options
- Advanced cooling
- Multiple protection
- Temperature control
- Low noise
- Advanced dual core cooling
- Removable door basket
- Removable shelf
- AC/DC power cords
- Glass front and digital temperature control
- Stylish, compact and completely portable
- Cooling function, keep warm function, energy saving
- Perfect for food, drinks, skincare, beauty products, and breast milk
- For room - car, work office, college bedrooms

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