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    The DLC Traveler Kettle is an ideal appliance for people who need a small, portable gadget for boiling water while travelling. This kettle can be very useful in hotels or places where facilities for boiling water are not available.
    **Features and specifications:**
    - **Capacity:** It has a capacity of 750 milliliters, which is enough to boil small amounts of water for tea or coffee.
    - **Power:** It operates at a power of 120 watts, which allows water to boil quickly.
    - **Portable:** Small and portable design makes it perfect for travel. You can easily put it in your bag or suitcase.
    - **Safety Feature:** Equipped with safety features such as boil-dry protection to ensure no operation without water.
    - **Easy to use:** Thanks to a simple on/off switch, it can be used easily even if you are not familiar with boiling appliances.
    - **High Quality:** Made of high-quality materials to ensure good performance and sustainability.
    Thanks to the DLC Traveler Kettle, you can enjoy a hot drink at any time while traveling. It offers small capacity and enough power to meet your needs and ensure that the water is boiled in time.
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