Xiaomi كشاف التخييم متعدد المهام

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Mijia Multifunctional Flashlight
Multifunctional Lighting Vehicle Emergency
1000 Lumen Main Light │ Multifunctional Side Light Pop-Up Window Breaker │ Seat Belt Cutter
Measured Lumen
Super Long-Range Shot
Large Capacity Lithium Battery
1000 Lumens Bright Light*
240-Meter Long Shot*
The brightness of high, middle, low and third gears of the main lamp can be adjusted freely to meet different lighting requirements. The irradiation distance can reach 240 meters, penetrate the darkness, and explore the distant environment.
Telescopic Stepless Zoom
Telescopic focusing of lamp holder, free adjustment of condensing/flooding;
Night walking in low light, searching in high light, smooth switching between near and far lighting.
Night Walking In The Near Light
Far Light Search
Multifunctional Lighting
Turn on the emergency light source of the main light with one key to respond to emergencies in time; The side lamp provides flashing illumination of red light/fog light, penetrating fog and emergency warning.
Low White Light
White Light Highlights
Red Light Flashing
The Fog Lamp Flashes
Magnetic adsorption fixation
Rotate adjust the illumination angle
Magnetic fixation mode can be used to arbitrarily adsorb ferrous and nickel metal surfaces such as automobiles and brackets; Rotary slide rail design, 107 wide angle rotation adjustment, more accurate lighting.
Safety Belt Cutter
Open hook design to prevent accidental cuts.
45 angle between cutter and safety belt
Can be cut more easily.
Pop-Up Window Breaker
Press structure, hidden striker design, safe and labor-saving.
The window breaker is perpendicular to the glass.
Press hard.
Mode Adjusting Ring
Rotate Two Light Sources
Main light mode & side light mode, rotating and switching, simple and easy to use, with a single button for gear adjustment, can meet various scene requirements freely.
3100mah Large Capacity Lithium Battery
90 Hours Long Battery Life
Two-color power indicator, clear indication of remaining power, Type-C charging interface, stronger charging compatibility.
Trapezoidal Attack Head
High precision CNC machining
Auxiliary broken window
Fresnel Lens
Professional optical design
Accurate control of far and near light
Silicone Lanyard
Anti-slip silicone
Easy to hang.
* The data comes from the laboratory outside the device. When the product is at 25℃ ambient temperature, the battery is fully charged, the main lamp is in bright mode and flooded state, the total initial light output is more than 1000lm.
* The data comes from the laboratory outside the device. When the product is at 25℃ ambient temperature, the battery is fully charged, the main lamp is in bright mode, and the light is concentrated, the initial irradiation distance is greater than 240m.
* The data comes from the laboratory outside the device. Under the condition of 25℃ ambient temperature, fully charged battery and flashing red/fog light, the battery life of the product is longer than 90h.

Product Parameter
Type: MJSDT001QW
Product size: 188×40.5×36mm
Net weight of product: about 240g
Waterproof grade: IPX4
Parameters: 5V---1.5A
Type of battery: lithium ion battery
Rated capacity: 3100mAh
Rated voltage: 3.6V
Charging time: about 180 minutes
Working temperature: -15~55℃
Implementation standard: Q/310107QW006-2022
Xiaomi Mijia Multifunctional Flashlight Car Outdoor Emergency Strong Light Zoom Lithium Battery Fast Charging Car Safety Hammer
Packing List:
Hand rope×1
Charging line×1