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  • **Super Fast Shipping:**
    It features up to 180W fast charging technology for ultra-fast charging. It only takes 3.3 hours to charge 80% of battery via 120W wall outlet and 60W USB-C PD port at the same time. This charging speed is much faster than any other large power station on the market.

    **Long lasting durability:**
    Provide long-lasting durability for operating various appliances and tools during outdoor trips or emergency situations.

    **Lightweight design for transport:**
    Small and lightweight, making it perfect for outdoor adventures.

    **Faster MPPT solar charging:**
    Supports solar charging and features MPPT technology for efficient solar charging.

    **Excellent and safe protection:**
    Equipped with an excellent protection system to ensure safe use.

    **Portable Design:**
    Portable design makes it perfect for outdoor and travel use.

    It is a versatile power station that provides plenty of power and flexibility in places where traditional power sources are not available.

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