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Enjoy a safe and comfortable driving experience with this magnetic car phone holder. This holder is carefully designed to provide you with a reliable solution for placing your smartphone while driving, while keeping it easily accessible.

- Strong Magnetic Force: Comes with 3M adhesive base that provides a firm and secure grip for your phone.
- One-Handed Operation: You can easily put in or take out your phone using one hand.
- 360 Degree Rotation: Rotating hinge enables you to easily adjust the angle of the phone to ensure a perfect view.
- COMPATIBILITY WITH MOST PHONES: Works seamlessly with most of your popular smartphones.
- EASY AND SAFE INSTALLATION: It can be easily installed on the dashboard using the 3M adhesive base.
- Installation steps:
1. Peel the protective cover off the adhesive base. (If the temperature is lower than 15℃, please heat the 3M adhesive base with hot air for a while.)
2. Place the holder on the flat dashboard.
3. Press the holder firmly for about 30 seconds.
4. Do not use the holder until 24 hours have passed.
5. The 3M adhesive base can only be used once.

Enjoy driving safely and providing easy access to your smartphone with this magnetic car phone holder

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