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WellSkins WX-CJ101 Ultrasonic Skin Cleanser, designed to cleanse the skin, improve its appearance, remove blackheads, and deliver a deep cleansing action at a rate of 25 kHz, Color: White.

- EMS Micro-current stimulates the facial muscles to rebuild the collagen structure, which lifts and tightens the skin.

- 3D arc-shaped design perfectly fits the face and leaves no dead corners, convex side to remove facial dirt, concave side to enhance nourishment and firming.

- Versatile skin cleansing device with silicone brush, functionally equivalent to a professional cleansing brush, just install the silicone brush and turn on the cleansing mode, it can be used as a facial cleansing brush.

- 3 operating modes and 6 optional functions meet your needs regarding skin cleaning and care, each mode has normal function and enhanced function, you can adjust it depending on your skin type and condition.

- Deep cleansing of the skin through ultrasonic vibration, removing dirt and oils inside the pores without causing any harm to the skin.

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