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Impressive CADR

Purify a large 20m² room in approx. 10 minutes

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 has a Particle CADR of up to 400m³/h, able to deliver 6660L of purified air per minute, and with 360° all-round air intake, whole-room air purification is effortless.

Three-in-one filtration. 99.97% elimination of 0.3μm particles

All-day protection for those who suffer from rhinitis and allergies. Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 protects your respiratory health by keeping the air in your home clean and safe to breathe.

High-quality activated carbon. Odor elimination for lasting freshness

Activated carbon has a high adsorption rate and effectively removes common harmful gases such as VOC from your home, as well as an odor eliminator to keep your air fresh.

Smart control

Keep your home fresh when on the move. With support for smart control, ensure that you always return to a home filled with clean, fresh air. Use the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app from your smartphone to enable purification when away from home.

Real-time air quality with the OLED display

Intuitive indoor air-quality data with the real-time PM2.5 display and color-coded indicator. Adjust your purification settings with the simple touch control buttons, one light touch to fulfill your air quality needs.

Negative Air Ionization

helps keep your home fresh.

Your purifier releases negative ions to keep the air fresh, helping you stay refreshed after a hard day's work.

Just one filter for up to one year's usage

Everyday freshness with a long-lasting filter

The filter is highly efficient with a large surface area and high content of high-quality activated carbon. Long-lasting filter performance means fewer replacements, with one filter lasting 6-12 months.

One-touch Auto Mode

Effective, hands-free purification

Sensitive high-precision laser sensors monitor changes in air quality. High-efficiency purification in Auto Mode — your purifier monitors real-time air quality and automatically adjusts purification speed.

Real-time monitoring for timely feedback

Automatic optimization of purification speed

Xiaomi's High Efficiency Filter

More clean air

Xiaomi's filter integrated melt-blown PP fibers with electrostatics technology equipped with larger fibers space, which enables a large volume of clean air to get through the filter.

Low noise

Less dense fibers filter is easy to have the air passed even at a high speed, which results in much lower noise.

Lower energy consumption

Thanks to a less dense fibers filter, Xiaomi's filter consumes less energy to achieve the same volume of clean air.

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