Xiaomi smart air purifier 4 pro

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Get clean and healthy air with the Xiaomi Smart Humidifier. Designed to purify the air and improve ambient air quality, this purifier has the following features:

- Filters hair and pollen: Filters out pet hair and pollen to ensure healthy, odor-free air.

Virus Reduction: Helps reduce the spread of virus in the air to protect against infectious diseases.

Effective Coverage Area: It can cover an area of ​​up to 35-60 square meters to ensure all-round purification throughout the home.

Air Quality Monitoring and Display: It comes with dual laser sensors to accurately measure air quality and perform targeted and effective purification.

User-friendly design: It comes with an understandable display screen and touch controls to adjust the purification settings with ease.

Durable Design: Comes with a long-life filter that can be used for up to a year, reducing maintenance costs.

- Allergen Certified: Proven to effectively filter allergens to maintain clean, healthy air.

- Smart control: It can be operated remotely using the app on your smartphone.

- Filter Change Reminder: Provides an automatic reminder to change the filter when needed.

Easy to Clean Design: Comes with a detachable top grid for easy cleaning and preventing secondary pollution.