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- **Length:** 2 metres.

- **Universal Compatibility:** This cable allows you to connect electrical devices with UK power plugs to international power sockets, making it ideal for use while traveling or anywhere you need to plug a device into an electrical outlet.

- **HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN:** Made of high-quality materials, making it sturdy and durable for daily use.

- **British Socket to Universal Socket:** It comes with a standard British socket on one end and a universal socket on the other, providing great flexibility in connecting a variety of devices.

- **Convenient for Travel:** Thanks to the compact design and suitable length, you can easily carry it in your bag while traveling.

- **Ease of use:** All you have to do is connect the British power socket to the cable, then plug the universal socket into the wall or designated outlet.

**NOTE:** Please check the voltage and amperage requirements of the devices you will be connecting to ensure safe compatibility.

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