Yesido Wireless Live Streaming Display - 4K, HD, Projector and TV Compatibility

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Style: 5G

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Yesido wireless device
For display gives you the ability to enjoy watching content on a larger screen by receiving live broadcasts via Wi-Fi technology in 4K resolution. It is compatible with both projectors and TVs, and supports broadcasting over 2.4G and 5G frequencies to provide a smoother and more stable connection.

the benefits:
1. Allows content to be viewed on larger screens, providing a better viewing experience.
2. 4K display resolution ensures high definition picture quality.
3. Projector and TV compatibility enhances the flexible use of the device.
4. Supporting 2.4G and 5G transmission ensures a fast and stable connection.
5. The wireless design makes it easy to install and use.

Additional Information

5G, 2.4G