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Product Description

Product Description
The BT5.1 SoundPro Smart Wireless Speaker is a premium audio experience that combines cutting-edge performance with high reliability. With upgrade to Bluetooth 5.1, it provides fast and stable connection, reducing the possibility of signal blocking and disconnection. It features 360-degree surround sound thanks to the 52mm diameter speaker unit and powerful sound. It also supports TF Card players and provides two playback modes, so you can enjoy music without the need for an Internet connection. It features high-quality music tone thanks to the full-frequency sound unit and high bass diaphragm. In addition, it supports connecting to another speaker to get 3D sound effect.

Product features
- Fast and stable wireless connection thanks to an upgrade to Bluetooth 5.1.
- 360 degree surround sound via the 52mm diameter speaker unit.
- Support TF cards for Internet-independent operation.
- High quality music tone thanks to the full frequency sound unit and high bass diaphragm.
- Ability to connect to another speaker to achieve 3D sound effect.

The BT5.1 SoundPro smart speaker is an innovative product that combines great audio performance with state-of-the-art technology, making it an ideal choice for music and entertainment enthusiasts. It will contribute to increasing sales and improving customer experience.

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