Lydsto Hot and Cold Water Dispenser with Automatic Touch Control Water Pump

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The Lydsto Automatic Water Dispenser is an automatic control water dispenser that offers two options of cold and hot water. It is designed to dispense water with a simple touch, making it easy and practical to use. The dispenser includes a water pump that automatically switches between cold and hot water options, allowing you to enjoy your preferred degree of water anytime you need it.

- Instant heating in 3 seconds, 4 temperature modes, interactive touch screen, suitable for various types of bottled water.

- Large water output of 400ml/min, quick and easy draining of water, you can drink hot water anytime and anywhere.

- Quick response in 0.2 seconds. The dispenser does not store water internally to prevent bacterial growth. When pumping water, the engine responds powerfully and quickly.

With water shortage protection and overheating protection, it provides multiple protections, avoiding security hazards.

Its compact size and portability make it easy to drink hot water at home or during business trips.

Enjoy the convenience and ease with the Lydsto water dispenser, to drink pure, refreshing water at the right temperature at all times.